IMFLer short description


Increasing genome-wide data in biological sciences and medicine has contributed to the development of a variety of visualization tools. Several automatic, semiautomatic, and manual visualization tools have already been developed. Some even have integrated flux balance analysis (FBA), but in most cases, it depends on separately installed third party software that is proprietary and does not allow customization of its functionality and has many restrictions for easy data distribution and analysis. In this study, we present an interactive metabolic flux analyzer and visualizer (IMFLer)-a static single-page web application that enables the reading and management of metabolic model layout maps, as well as immediate visualization of results from both FBA and flux variability analysis (FVA). IMFLer uses the Escher Builder tool to load, show, edit, and save metabolic pathway maps. This makes IMFLer an attractive and easily applicable tool with a user-friendly interface. Moreover, it allows to faster interpret results from FBA and FVA and improves data interoperability by using a standardized file format for the genome-scale metabolic model. IMFLer is a fully open-source tool that enables the rapid visualization and interpretation of the results of FBA and FVA with no time setup and no programming skills required


Availability and implementation information is available on site:


Petrovs, R., Stalidzans, E., Pentjuss, A., IMFLer: A Web Application for Interactive Metabolic Flux Analysis and Visualization, Journal of Computational Biology, 2021, 28(10), pp. 1021–1032.